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Meet the team at Zephyr Social

About Us

Before we shed light on who we are, we should be clear in who we are not. We aren’t your average social media agency or freelancer that charges money to manage your Instagram account or Facebook page. In our experience, this generally leads to ‘awareness only campaigns’ and a deficiency in trackable, measurable leads & an overall lack of tangible results.

This is who we are;

Zephyr Social is a boutique digital marketing agency built on the foundational pillars of integrity, creativity, authenticity & life and life in abundance. We utilise the digital world & social media platforms to create campaigns that cultivate your brand’s values, we are the market leading agency when it comes to lead generation.

We create a unique service offering based around our goal to grow your customer base through social media marketing, maximise user engagement through digital optimisation, acquire customers through AI technology & create websites designed to properly represent your brand & meet the needs of the stakeholders involved.

Our Values


Zephyr Social aren’t in the business of bleeding our clients of time & money, we’re in the business of attaining results, and demystifying success for our clients. Throughout most of our packages, we offer guarantees for the campaigns that we create. We know that we’re experts at what we do, and we carry ourselves first and foremost with integrity.


The world craves community & relationship – we’re no different. We at Zephyr Social endorse only a culture that continually empowers their employees and clients through an environment of life & life in abundance.


We look around and see a world that is saturated in consumerism. At Zephyr Social we’re both raw & authentic, the reality is your ideal customer can’t wait to hear about your product or service. We simply just join the dots, and we’re transparent with how we go about that. You as the client will be involved in every step of the process.

Creativity & Innovation

Technology is constantly changing & improving. At Zephyr Social, we much more enjoy learning & innovating as our surroundings evolve, rather than remaining stagnant. More importantly, we believe that we were created in the image of God, making us partakers of His divine nature. We are designed to be creators, and we gratefully bear that identity as our own.

Meet The Leadership Team

Jason Faulkner

Strategic Partner

Jason’s passion lies in high-level strategy & innovation. An entrepreneur through & through, he cultivates a diverse set of digital marketing skills & raw talent.

John Faulkner

Managing Director

John has owned and managed a number of successful businesses throughout his career, across a range of industries including real estate, finance and management consulting, always with a major focus on sales and marketing. John plays a vital role in managing projects & overall business development.

Chris Faulkner

Web & Ecomm Partner

Chris has seen success in start-ups from the age of 16, selling his first e-commerce business.  He plays an integral role in the Zephyr Social team.

Zephyr Social is owned by Denari Pty Ltd, established in 1976.

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