Are you taking full advantage of Facebook reviews?

When I chat with a new potential client I do some homework first. I look at their current website and Facebook pages to get an idea of what they do and how they are going etc.

It’s amazing to see how Facebook reviews are used. Take our beauty salon clients as an example – a prime business for Facebook reviews. Some salons are doing a great job and have many reviews (all largely positive) but most don’t. Facebook reviews are an extremely powerful source of social proof for your potential clients and it’s free – but most salons don’t have a specific strategy to get reviews. But when you speak with their new clients they often admit to checking out the reviews prior to their first visit.
In fact I’ll go a step further. When we have a potential new client for our services, guess what most of them think they need – more customers! And many do, but if we look at the clients reviews and they are terrible then we will not suggest any client acquisition strategies until we explore the reason for those reviews and ensure that the service offering is now back on track. If not then it’s a waste of time bringing new clients in as they will not be kept and in fact they may even be detrimental as they may also leave bad reviews.
So here’s some very simple strategies that will work for many businesses – I’m not talking about anything too difficult and you’ll get some fantastic Facebook reviews:

1) Email all your clients on your database that you know have been very happy with your current or past service (send them some info, give them some news etc, so make sure your are adding some value to the email) and at the end of the email just ask them if they would mind adding a Facebook review on your page – make it easy, give them a link to your Facebook page and just let them know that you are currently trying to build up your page and you would really love their help. If you like, even offer a small ethical bribe, say if you can add a review we will (make a small offer) on your next visit etc.

2) And this one is even easier – train your staff, that when a client finishes their treatment/ service whatever it is that they are buying and says “thanks, I love it etc” ask them then – “would you mind adding a Facebook review, we are just trying to build up our Facebook page and it would really help us if you could add a review etc” & as above, if you like, include an “ethical bribe” some special on their next visit, next purchase etc
Just having an extra 10 or 20 current good Facebook reviews will make a huge difference when potential new clients are checking you out on Facebook. The above steps are very quick, easy & low cost to implement but they will add new clients to your business.

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