Facebook School Marketing – How A Targeted Facebook Ad Campaign Will Out-Perform An Ad In A Local Newspaper – And All At A Much Lower Cost.

Facebook School Marketing v’s the more traditional options

For most this is not an either-or scenario (though as per below, if your budget is very restricted and you only had one option, you’ll quickly see why Facebook School Marketing will out trump your newspaper school marketing every day of the week – a better response and at a lower cost!) but for many schools I would certainly be advocating reducing your expensive newspaper/magazine advertising and replacing a portion of that budget with a very targeted Facebook campaign. If you spend as much on a Facebook ad as many schools are spending on just one good size ad, you’ll see below why your results via Facebook are sure to outperform the more traditional options.

Let’s just deal with the elephant in the room first – “but our prospective parents are not on Facebook”. Well, the fact is most of them actually are. Facebook has around 1.9 billion users and is adding 5 new profiles every second, you can check out some more details in our – “How Big Is Facebook & Are your Customers On It”. Are all your potential parents on Facebook, no. Just like not all of them will read the newspapers or magazines that you’re are advertising in, but most of them are and they will see a continual ad on Facebook more often than they will see one ad in one paper on one day!

Let’s compare: Facebook School Marketing v’s a Newspaper Ad:

The Newspaper Ad School Marketing Option:

For the newspaper, let’s use The Manly Daily for instance, distributed throughout Sydney’s Northern Beaches, it’s one of the larger distribution local papers in Sydney, with a readership of 144,000.

A one off 1/3rd page ad has a cost in excess of $2,000. That’s just to run the ad of course, it does not include any set up costs etc and does not allow for any position loadings.

Some things to consider:

According to the Manly Daily, it has a readership of 144,000 but are all those 144,000 your targeted audience – no, the majority – no, a small portion – yes – but it is a small portion of the total readership!

It’s one ad in one paper on one day – so is there a very good chance that many of your targeted audience will not even see the ad – yes.

Does this one publication cover most of the locations that your school draws from, in many cases no, so you will also have to look at similar ads in other papers to cover all your key areas.

When your prospective audience sees the ad, now they need to hopefully stop reading and take action. The longer it takes them to get on the phone or hop on their computer to check out your website the less chance that they will take action.

Once you sign off on the ad, it goes to press. You can’t tweak and change anything based on any initial feedback etc. – it’s done. Any changes, you need to make them next time and see if that works better etc.

The Facebook School Marketing Option:

This is not a scattergun approach, it’s a targeted approach. So, after we have the ad copy worked out we work out who we want it to go to.

With a newspaper, we can choose different publications to cover different areas. With Facebook, we can target the exact geographic locations that we wish to cover. But we can now go further, we can choose who we want this ad to go to, within those areas.

Male or female
Age groups
Income levels
Home ownership
Parents with children of certain ages
Religious affiliations
Etc, etc, etc.

A far more targeted option than the newspaper option. In fact, we could go further and change the ad depending on which part of the above audience group we were appealing to.

The ad copy can be put together and launched. We can even include video, for greater engagement. We can set up say two ads with slight variations and then constantly tweak and change to see which one is performing better. We don’t need to wait for the next campaign until we make some changes.

Now let’s look at what we could get for our money.

Taking the Manly Daily coverage, for instance, 144,000. As per above, we have no need to go out to 144,000 within that Northern Beaches location, as it’s only a fraction of that audience who are our potential parents.

So, we can probably bring that number down. Even with a super broad Facebook audience, so just targeting say age groups of say 30 – 50 and both male and female this number would come down to around 63,000 (in the Manly Daily catchment area, that has a readership of 144,000) For a real campaign, we would target the audience even further and as such have an even smaller, more targeted number. This would further increase the response rate and further lower the campaign cost. But for the sake of this example, we will keep the audience fairly broad.

But even at 63,000, we could have a Facebook budget spend of just $15 per day (according to Facebook this will reach up to 5,800 of the 63,000 people each day) so if we run this campaign for say a month, the ad is going to be seen up to 174,000 times. So many people will actually see the ad on multiple occasions.

The Facebook ad spend over a month – $15 x 30 days = $450

If we wanted to, we could increase the budget to $20 or $25 per day and then people would see it even more often. But either way, the vast majority of your audience will see it (unlike the newspaper, they may not read that page, it may have rained that day and the paper got wet etc).

Now once your audience sees the ad, they can immediately take action – for example, if it’s a school tour, then the ad will ask them to click through and they can do that immediately, get all the details immediately and as such are far more likely to take action immediately and book in.

The Reality:

Your school probably will not just be drawing from the one area that the paper (in this case The Manly Daily) delivers too. So, it’s likely that you will also have to duplicate a similar ad in one or more other publications.

If it’s something like a school tour, you will probably want more exposure than just one ad on one day in that particular paper, so you will likely want to run the same ad on multiple occasions.

So, the one-off newspaper ad is seldom a reality.

But let’s look at the same scenario using Facebook School Marketing. We can just extend the locations for a broader reach in the same ad campaign and if we want people to see the ad multiple times then we just up the ad spend. But even at the $15 per day, we are going to get multiple views.

Hopefully, you can see how a highly-targeted Facebook ad campaign can massively outperform the results of a more traditional newspaper ad, and all at a fraction of the price. But most importantly it’s highly targeted (so your budget is actually going towards your target audience) and it can be highly engaging (with video etc.) and the audience can immediately click on through for more details, whilst it’s front of mind.

Whether you’re using Facebook School Marketing or the more traditional school advertising, either way, once your target audience responds and clicks through to your website, you want to be tracking them so that you can engage them further and increase the likelihood of them taking action – How To Maximise Your School Marketing Results.

Hopefully, this gives you an idea of just how powerful Facebook school marketing can be in reaching and engaging your audience in an incredibly cost effective manner.

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