Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between a Social Media Agency & a Social Media Marketing Agency?

You bet there is, as a social media marketing agency we are all about directly advertising on social media platforms to bring you direct results. We are not the agency for you if you are looking to just pump out information and general brand awareness on all the various platforms, you need a Social Media Agency for that. Our game is to directly market on the various social media platforms to bring you direct, measurable results.

How do I know which online platforms are right for me?

Let’s not even worry about that just yet. Let’s have a look at what your trying to achieve and that will give us a good idea of which marketing platform (online or off-line) will serve your needs best. Bearing in mind that what works today may not work next year, so we need to be constantly revising your needs and the evolving marketing options.

Do you create and curate all the content and images for my social media advertising?

Our involvement with the social media platforms will be to directly advertise on them, on your behalf. So anything to do with that direct marketing we will create and curate, though we will, of course, be drawing on your product specific knowledge to create much f this material. We may also need specific images and photographs etc, though these are often already available on your website etc.

What can I expect when using Facebook advertising?

Facebook advertising is an essential element of many of our campaigns. We run (and manage) your ads through your advertising account so that you can log in and see your ads in action at any time and from the customers perspective everything is coming directly from you.

How do you know who to target on Facebook?

That’s were our research and time spent with you will come into play. Once we know the demographic, location, interest and behaviour details of your core customers we will then build a Facebook audience around that.

What types of services does Zephyr Social offer?

A comprehensive portfolio of services that relate to Social Media Marketing. So in addition to designing and managing to advertise on social media, we also offer web design and general design services as many of our clients will often benefit in creating a more effective brand image and website to better reflect their company image and values and importantly to improve conversions on the increased traffic that our campaigns can generate. For particular lead generation campaigns, we will also often design and implement specific landing pages (like a mini website) that are specific to the campaign that we are running. In addition, we offer sales training to ensure that the increased leads that we are creating are turning into sales at your end.

What if we have never done anything on social media before?

That’s no worries at all, you are not alone. There are many businesses who are just now realising the far-reaching power that social media has along with its ability to pinpoint target specific buyer groups. We can help you out, it’s simple and quick for us to help you set up a few quick and basic social media accounts from which we can run the marketing from. Just to be clear, you can advertise on these social media platforms without the need to be pumping out mass content and checking the various platforms continually etc. Basically, they are just another media platform to reach your audience.

We already advertise on the T.V. (or Radio or large scale printed media), why should we be using Social Media Advertising?

Our advertising options can work really well in conjunction with your large scale media campaigns. Those campaigns are often designed to bring people in via your website, but many will visit and then leave. We can set up strategies to retarget those visitors which will mean that you will get a sizable increase in your returns with just a fractional increase in expenditure. Or, maybe when you see the power of what can be achieved with pinpoint targeted marketing rather than a larger scale, scattergun approach, you may just find social media advertising to be a more cost effective option.

I have already spent a lot of money on my website, Facebook pages, and am not seeing results. Are you sure you can help me?

No, we’re not, that’s why we would suggest that you book in for a 45-minute chat and we can have a look at what you’ve done, what’s working, what’s not and discuss how and if we can assist. We will use that 45 minutes to provide you with as much free value as we possibly can. The chances are pretty good that we will be able to get you some great results. The majority of companies that are using social media advertising are not doing it well, so the likelihood is that we can make some positive tweaks and changes to what you have already done and it will make all the difference.

How much does it all cost?

That’s a great question and once we know what we can do for you then we can give you a great answer! Any work that we do is fully quoted and agreed on before anything is done. We have campaigns that run from under $500 that can add massive value to your organisation through to large ongoing campaigns at higher prices. The key to our campaigns is that they are designed to bring results to your bottom line, so our aim is to always be delivering such value to you that you are looking for ways to get us to do even more for you!

Can we ever meet face to face?

Absolutely, we love getting out of the office. We are based in Newport on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and most happy to meet up with you here or if you’re in Sydney we can come to you.