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Google Pay Per Click 101 – Some Costly Errors That Law Practices Can Make

Apr 10, 2019 | Legal Marketing

Costly Errors That Law Practices Often Make On Their Google Adwords Campaigns

This is a super simple, Google 101 issue but I can’t believe how often we see it when auditing accounts for our new law firm websites and doing competitor research for our clients.

Issue One – Location Targeting Within Google for your Law Practice. 

So often we see Firms who are targeting the location for their ads far too broadly.   If you are a CBD firm then you are often targeting more broadly as you may attract people from many locations who are prepared to travel into the city or may even work in the city but live further away.   But if you are based in a specific suburb and you tend to find that the bulk of your new files come from that area and the surrounds, then you don’t want to be paying for people who click on your ads who are in locations well away from yours – unless of course they have specifically mentioned your location in their search.

Google Ads have a specific section to set location targeting, so be as specific as you can.  Then set up a separate campaign that is broader, but only contains exact match and phrase match keywords that contain your specific location.

Issue Two –  Not Using Long Tail Keywords – and not including your geographic location within some of those keyword phrases.

As an example:

There are over 1,000 searches in Australia, each month for the keyword ‘divorce lawyer’, some of these searches are just ‘divorce lawyer’ others have other words within the search, such as ‘best divorce lawyer’, ‘divorce lawyer Sydney’, ‘best divorce lawyers for fathers’ etc.

Even if you are targeting your right location (as per above) these broader terms cost more to bid on (as more people are competing for the broader terms).

If your Practice is in say ‘Manly’ then you want to ensure that you have some specific keywords that include ‘Manly’.  For example, ‘divorce lawyer Manly’ and when you set this up in Google you want to set this keyword phrase up with phrase match, where you use “” and exact match [].  There are only about 10 searches a month for ‘divorce lawyer Manly’ but when that phrase does get searched, you want to ensure that you appear, as it’s a very specific search phrase, a ‘long tail keyword’ – your ideal prospect!

By setting up phrases with ‘exact match’ and ‘phrase match’ you are showing Google that your ad is very relevant to the search and Google is all about relevancy, so your ad is more likely to appear and more likely to appear in the top position.  It also depends on budget of course but Google does not just rank on budget, but also relevance so you can often appear above your competitors for specific search phrases by having more relevant ads, even though your budget is lower.

There are of course other aspects that Google take into account, as regards relevancy.  Including both your ad copy and your landing page (the page on your website that you are sending people too).  These are two areas that are both worthy of their own articles but in brief, you want to ensure congruency of the message.

As an example, if you are targeting ‘divorce lawyer manly’ then your Google ad wants to specifically include this term and your landing page needs to specifically include this term.

It’s not just Google who will reward you for this, it’s your new clients.

As I said up front these are some super basic tips, but we are amazed at how often we see these issues in law practice campaigns.

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