How Big Is Your Pool Of Potential Local Clients & How Can You Easily Get In Front Of Them?

Many of the businesses that we work with are local service businesses, so they are reliant on potential clients within a certain demographic area. A local gym, for example, is most only going to attract clients who live or work nearby. A child care centre again will attract families who tend to live or work nearby.
As we were recently working with a few of our salon clients we became aware that many do not realise just how big their audience of potential clients is. Even with two of our more regional salons. One is in a small town in NSW, but still, has over 1,100 women aged 20 to 60 (this is the main core of the general demographic that they service) just within their small town. In those areas, most people are used to driving a fair distance and if we went just 10kms from the salon, we have a potential audience of a woman (aged 20-60) of over 10,000! The other salon is in Vic and their numbers are fairly similar.

These audiences can very quickly and cost effectively be specifically targeted on Facebook.
With the right ad on Facebook, with the right offer and bringing people back to a purpose-built landing page, these woman are all potential clients for our salon owners and if you can just turn say 20 per month into regulars (who on average are worth around $1,000 per year) then you do the numbers!
If you have a business that services a specific geographic area or a specific demographic or interest group etc then Facebook is the most effective marketing platform in the universe to market to that group and only that group. And not only can we just target to a specific group, but we can also then build a very specific marketing message to tailor to that group and unlike most other forms of marketing we can tweak and tune or message in real time until it hits the mark. Like our town salon owners, you may be very pleasantly surprised to find out just how large your potential pool of clients is and how you can effectively reach out to them.

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