How To Cost Effectively Use Facebook To Compliment Your Existing Marketing Strategies

Target Your Key Audience:

Whilst there are many marketing platforms available today, Facebook is one of the few that lets you laser target your audience. In this regard, one of the options available is to readvertise to people that you have initially drawn some interest from, so they have checked out your website, due to one of your current marketing strategies, but then they have not gone all the way to submitting an enquiry or calling you up. Via Facebook you can readvertise to this audience specifically and as such you can be certain of an increased return from your current marketing campaigns.

Your Big Campaigns & How You Can Leverage Off Them:

Let’s say that you are doing a big radio or TV ad campaign or some major awareness advertising in some local media or perhaps you are exhibiting at a major show. So lots of general advertising & awareness, driving lots of traffic to your website. This is where some very targeted Facebook advertising can be super effective in boosting the results of your major campaigns, as with Facebook we can leverage off the warm traffic that you are producing. (Note: this same tactic will work even when you are just driving organic traffic to your website and not running any big campaigns).

The Normal Result From Your Major Campaign:

So here’s how it generally goes, let’s use the radio as an example, you’re running a 30-second radio ad and on average it’s going out 3 times per day over 5 days for a month.  So plenty of the listeners are hearing your ad.  At the end of your ad you sometimes have a “call this number” and most usually say something like “just google us”, or “visit us now at”

So what happens from there:
• Well, most listeners will do nothing.
• A few people will call you up (that’s great as hopefully you may make a sale immediately, book a consultation or whatever) but in any case hopefully, you will grab their details so that you can keep marketing to them in the future.
• But for the overwhelming majority of people who do take some action, it will be to look up your website. Now maybe you have a great website with good information, well set out and some specific calls to action or maybe you have a fairly average, old outdated website.  The better the site the better the response that you will receive with people either emailing you from your site or calling you up from your site.  Of those, some will buy now and by collecting their details, some will also buy later, as you can now keep marketing to them.
• But either way, most of the website visitors will just leave your website, without taking any action at all. They have some interest or they would not have gone there in the first place, but their just not ready to take action right now, so they leave.

And for the majority of business owners, this is where it ends.  You paid for all that marketing, it brought people to your site (a small number were ready to buy now and liked what they saw) but the rest just left and most will never come back again and you have no idea who they were, so to get them back, probably the most effective way is to keep your expensive marketing campaign going and hope that they are listening at the right time and that all the stars will align this time so that they will come all the way through to calling you up or putting in an enquiry.

Imagine it this way in the real (offline) world:

Let’s say you have 100 people walk into your reception area or showroom as a result of the ad that they heard on the radio (or any of your other marketing) – so they are only there because they have a genuine interest.  But you are busy just looking after one person, they have a quick look around, think it’s maybe not for them or not the right time (but if you had chatted to them they would have better understood the product/serviced, realised it was right for them and bought) and they walk out, didn’t even leave their contact details.  So your potential buyers, the ones that you just paid to get in the door have now left – and you had so much more to say to them!  How many would more people have bought from you if you just had more time with them to build some rapport, explain your product/service in full, maybe even make them a special offer?  But it’s too late, they’re gone.

Imagine being able to re-connect to those potential buyers:

It’s not too late if you have some form of tracking on your website, so you can then go back to those people and re-market to them.  That’s one of the types of audiences that can be created on Facebook by installing some code on your website so that each time a visitor comes to your website, if Facebook can match that user to a Facebook account (which more often than not they can), then you go back to those people and only those people.

Will it improve the return on your advertising spend from those major campaigns:

You bet it will, here’s an interesting stat for you – according to a study done by SeeWhy, a behavioural marketing company, 46 percent of those who see retargeted ads will return to your website. But without retargeting, roughly eight percent will return, says the study.

So as you can imagine these Facebook ads can be extremely effective as they are going out to a very warm audience and because it’s such a specific audience the ad costs tend to be quite low and the message can be very specific.  So you can see how by adding this form of targeted advertising you can substantially increase the effectiveness of your existing (and often fairly costly) major media campaigns for a relatively low increase in costs as you are just leveraging off the traffic that your other campaign is already attracting.
Some clients are ready to buy now and you will pick them up quickly.  Others will not be ready for months (or even years depending on the industry), but now that you have their details, you can stay front of mind in a very cost effective way.

How about attracting, even more, customers, based on this existing audience:

Here’s another little option now that you have built this database, imagine if you could take all the people that you captured (so all those warm leads that came to your website as a result of your marketing that you now have as your Facebook audience) and then you could build a bigger audience of people that match the profile, the demographics etc of this group.  Wouldn’t that be a nice audience to market too, well that’s possible too!

Would you like to have the ability to get back to your audience of interested prospects?

Hopefully, you can see how these audience types have the ability to massively leverage the results that you can obtain from your major media campaigns.

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