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Is Your Law Firm Buying or Renting from Google to Drive Traffic?

Nov 14, 2019 | Legal Marketing

Is Your Law Firm Concentrating on Buying (SEO) or Renting (PPC) on Google?

Traditionally you would choose to either buy or rent.

When it comes to property, traditionally you would choose to either buy or rent. More often than not, when we first step out into the world we’d begin by renting, sometimes it’s because it’s all we can afford, other times it’s because it allows us to have a higher quality of lifestyle (we may not be able to afford the mortgage on the ocean view property, but we may be able to afford the rent).

Of course, the wise ones among us will suggest that if you’re able to enter the market, buying is generally the smarter option and over time the mortgage will become more affordable, whereas the rent will generally keep rising. 

When it comes to the digital marketing aspect of your law firm, the best answer is often to both buy & rent – get the best of both worlds.

What you can expect from this article:

  1. Renting, or pay-per-click (PPC), paying for your position on Google and other platforms
  2. Buying, or search engine optimisation (SEO)
  3. If you buy – the long-term results can be HUGE
  4. The best ongoing solution
  5. How we help law firms do both

Renting, or PPC (paying for your position on Google & other platforms)

This can be a great strategy, you don’t need to work your way up, you can start right at the top from day dot, so long as you’re prepared to pay for it.

The only disadvantage is just that – you are renting, you don’t own the space. If you want to stay at the top then you pay for it, month after month & prices do go up.

I had a real estate business for over 20 years that was digitally based way back when Google Adwords were just beginning. Back in the day, we were picking up quality leads for less than $1 per lead. Fast forward 20 years and we were paying well over $20 for that same lead. Just a tad above inflation…

Whilst PPC will offer a fairly immediate result it can be costly and will over time likely only increase in relative cost. Having said that, if you are attracting the right client and are converting the leads, then the cost is only ever relative to your ROI and if you are getting a solid return, then the price is less of a factor.

If a lead were to cost you $200, but the conversion was making you $2,000, then I’m sure you’d pay $200 in exchange for $2,000 all day long.

Buy, or SEO

We often buy our first house and then slowly upgrade so that hopefully at the end of the day we are living in our preferred accommodation in our preferred location etc.  For the average person, it takes a fair amount of time to get there, but once there we look back and our repayments are often a lot less than they used to be (in a relative sense).

SEO for your Law Firm’s website will be much the same.  It’s a process, you will likely begin to see results in the first 3 months, by month 6 you’ll start to see some significant results and if you stick with it then before you know it, you’ll be on page one for some very significant search terms within your location.  The great news here is that you now own this space – whilst you will have to do some maintenance to keep it, you are certainly not buying it each and every month like a PPC campaign.

Over say a 5 year period you’ll not just see that your costs have drastically decreased in comparison to that if you were renting those key page one positions but you will also see an ongoing flow of targeted traffic (assuming that your SEO campaign has been built well to attract your targeted keywords).

If you buy – the long-term results can be HUGE

Our clients will often say “I want to rank top” for their target keywords. 

Different key words have a different level of competitiveness, so depending on the client’s website and their budget, and depending on which actual keywords they wish to focus on, will factor in to how realistic this is of an objective. 

However, there is definitely a strong business case in investing to get to the top.  Even just getting to page one can bring significant website traffic and the higher up on page one the more significant.  But you need to be on page one – that’s the first 10 organic search results on Google.

Advanced Web Ranking organic CTR research provides up to date data to see the different click through rates depending on the position on the page that your website appears when someone searches a specific term (keyword).  This analysis is from Sept 2019.

As you can see, the website in position 1 will receive on average a 29% click-through rate, in position 3, 10%, in position 8, 2%, position 11 & onwards (page 2) around 1%.

So, if we were to take a search term such as say ‘Sydney divorce lawyer’ that term receives on average 880 searches each month.  On average the website on position one will receive 255 clicks to their website, each and every month (just for that one specific search term), position 3 will get 88 clicks and even position 8 will receive 17 clicks.

To jump on page one immediately via PPC, will cost around $32 to $37 per click.  That means that the website appearing in position 3 for this search term, is receiving traffic that Google is valuing at say $35 per click x 88 clicks = $3,080 per month.

And that’s just for ‘Sydney divorce lawyers’ on top of that there will be other related keywords that the same firm will likely be ranking well for also and this will further increase their targeted traffic.

The best on-going solution

Have you ever heard the term; rent where you want to live & buy where you want to invest? In short, the best on-going solution will be investing in both buying & renting.

Split your budget to ensure that you can drive traffic immediately with a PPC campaign but also use a portion of your budget to invest in the long term, by working on your SEO.  Once your SEO is working really well, you will likely still want to apportion at least a small amount of your budget to PPC remarketing.  That way, once people visit your website for the first time, whether via PPC or through their own organic search, you can get back in front of them with a solid remarketing campaign. If you’re scratching your head at the phrase ‘re-marketing’, fear not! We wrote a full article on this, have a read.

How we help law firms do both

At Zephyr Social we are experts in both (check out our case studies for the proof). The best place to start is with a full audit of your digital presence. This will give you the ability to see how your website is currently performing and the most cost effective options available for your law firm in both the short & long-term, to drive quality traffic to your website that will result in new clients.

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