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Is Your Law Firm’s Website Developing Trust, or Mis-trust?

Nov 13, 2019 | Legal Marketing

Is Your Law Firm’s Website Developing Trust, or Mis-trust?

Something you’ll often hear us say is that neither social media platforms or online platforms were created to be purely transactional. These platforms weren’t intended for us to focus solely on selling, there in place as a method of building connection, engaging & further helping your prospects or client ultimately start to trust you & build relationship.

As such, the primary function of your website should be that it acts as an accurate online representation as to who you are as a law firm – aiming to show your prospects that you have a solution to their problems before they even have to ask.

Our study below shows that bad design can & will, in fact, have a hugely negative impact on the client’s perception of who you are & in turn lead to a lack of trust in the practice.

Here’s what you can expect to have answered if you keep reading –

  1. How is your website representing your law practice?
  2. Who does your audience need to serve?
  3. Google & other search engines, where do they fit in?
  4. Serving both your current & future clients?
  5. Why first impressions matter more than you think
  6. Deep dive into a study on trust vs website design

How is your website representing your law practice?

There’s a question that we don’t think many law firms are asking themselves.

Every time our team takes on a new Law Firm client, our first measure of practice is in performing a full audit on their digital presence. The audit includes our client’s website, included in that process is looking through direct competition as well. At the end of the day we find ourselves viewing a large number of law websites. Funnily enough, what never ceases to amaze us are the incredibly poor designs that we constantly come across, from what I’m sure are very professional law firms.

The unfortunate error here (often overlooked) is that these poorly designed, or mostly out-dated websites will lead to a feeling of mistrust in the minds of your prospects. What could have been your client will likely leave before they even take the time to realise who you are actually are & that you likely do they have the answers they’re looking for.

Who does your audience need to serve?

Let’s keep it simple here. In very broad terms there are two predominant parties that you need to be serving at all costs.

  1. Google & other search engines
  2. 2 key stakeholders – both your current & future clients

Google & other search engines:

There are no two ways around it, this is a massive topic. luckily, we’ve covered a lot in previous articles written –> SEO for your Law Firm.

In short, you need a site that is structured and built internally, incorporates great content and links in order for Google to recognise your website as one of authority. This comes through building consistency & regularly updating your site. When done correctly Google will list your site accordingly and make it tremendously easy for potential clients to find you.

Your current & future clients:

Google’s number 1 goal as a search engine is to drive traffic to the websites that give the most relevant search results, as that’s how they can best create a desirable experience for their customers (the prospects searching). As such, many of the factors that lead to a good website in the eyes of Google will also mean that you have a great site in the eyes of your end-users. This looks like ensuring the following:

  • Relevant content according to what your audience is searching
  • Fast loading-speed
  • Compressed images
  • Ease in navigation
  • Clean & functional design

You can easily tick 3 or 4 of the above that ticks Google’s checkboxes, however, if the design/functional element is missing you are quickly going to see bounce rates go up & conversion go down.

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