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One Of The Biggest Mistakes That Most Lawyers Are Making With Their Digital Marketing & How To Fix It!

Mar 15, 2019 | Legal Marketing

Having just completed a digital marketing audit of over 30 Law Practice websites there was one glaring error that almost all of these websites were making.

What that meant for the law firm was quite simple – they were leaving a tremendous amount of money on the table.

Maximising your digital marketing results in any industry is important, for the legal services industry it’s particularly important as you’re operating inside a highly competitive digital market. Take the keyword ‘lawyer’ or ‘attorney’, these are two of the most sought after & highest costing keywords when it comes to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and SEO purposes.

If you’re driving a consistent flow of traffic to your website, utilising keywords within your search phrases such as; ‘divorce lawyer’ or ‘best family lawyer in [insert your local area]’ for example then you would know that this can fast become a very costly exercise.  Then add this little fact to the mix, ‘that up to 96% of website visitors will NEVER visit your site again after initially landing there’ & you can start to see how you can quickly lose a significant amount of marketing budget, if you are paying to get people to your site and then they leave!

Q:  “So, what is the one big thing that most Law websites are NOT utilising?”

A: “Re-targeting”

Add a re-targeting or re-marketing campaign to your arsenal and you’ll be amazed at the results. Of all the marketing channels you have set up re-marketing is easily going to be your highest converter & your most cost effective. If you aren’t re-targeting users, you aren’t capitalizing on your current flows of traffic or nurturing users in a way that will prompt engagement.

What is re-targeting for your Law Firm?

You may not know exactly how it works, but you’ve no doubt come across it before. You visit a website & then later that day, you are seeing that company everywhere, on Google, on YouTube, on Facebook. That’s re-targeting in a nutshell.

The tricky part is ensuring that you’re nurturing this warm audience as opposed to annoying them!

What can remarketing do for your law firm?

If your law firm is anything like the previous 30 sites that we just audited then the introduction of a re-marketing campaign will mean two things; a dramatic decrease in your cost-per-lead (CPL) & large increase in your overall ROI on paid media Ad spend.

One of the biggest issues that we’ve seen with many businesses, including Family Lawyers is having the ability to quickly and cost-effectively build trust with a new potential client, ensuring they feel safe & comfortable to take that next step, make a call & book a consult.

Which brings us to our next point…

How can retargeting for your law firm work?

Re-targeting provides the user with multiple digital touchpoints from the company they are checking out. Ideally, re-marketing campaigns will allow prospects to engage & learn about a company without requiring a high level of commitment or effort on their part. 

When done correctly re-marketing will allow your law firm to solidify its position in the mind of your audience as the authority, the expert & the market leader. You’ll gain the opportunity to provide free value (in the form of relevant content) in an automated fashion that lines up with what that particular prospect was viewing on your website.

Let me explain in a practical sense

Two practical examples of how re-marketing strategies will work:

First a more simple strategy. If a prospect was looking at a page on your site specifically about ‘spousal support’ you can re-target them with an ‘info ad’ that offers a free PDF download laying out the ‘5 factors the court will consider in spousal support, when deciding on the fairest and most equitable options’.  There’s a good chance they will click on it as we know it’s something that interests them and by reading your guide, it’s an opportnity to let them know that you are an expert in this area.

Here’s a slightly more complex, but highly effective method – you may have heard of a ‘drip-feed’ email sequence. You send out a number of emails, with various info, usually focussing on the one main subject, going out to your database of prospective or existing clients, ‘drip fed’ over a number of days, weeks or months. As you would know, what this achieves is the ability for the user to make multiple different digital touchpoints, assisting a company in building trust with prospects as they get to know you & better understand how your firm can help alleviate their problems.

Re-targeting on Facebook can, for example, be used with a similar strategy incorporated. The audience that are being targeted are only those who have already had contact with your website (i.e. visited a specific page or section of your site). Through re-marketing you now have the ability to place valuable, relevant content in front of them, sifting through different articles of content each week to minimise ad fatigue. You even have the ability to control how often a prospect will see an ad, which ad they’ll see & where you want to navigate them to.

By incorporating the right content strategy, ensuring you’re touching on the right pain-points and positioning your firm as the authority you will create an audience of warm prospects, who know you, like you & trust you – massively incraesing the chances that they will contact you.

Get started!

Don’t be like the last 30 websites we audited, implement your re-targeting campaign today. Take the time to think through your strategy, the placement & platform that you want to use & start capitalizing on the marketing channels where you’re already using! You’ll see a rapid decrease in your CPL & and overall improvement on your ROI from paid media.

If your firm is in a place where you’re ready to grow digitally, complete your details below and we’ll walk you through our process in how we can produce your firm a complete digital audit – free of charge, including some great retargeting strategies.

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