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Restaurant Marketing That Is Working Now 2019!

Custom-built strategies that fill your restaurant with new local customers and help ensure that new and existing customers return.

“Having you guys onboard has been the best thing that’s ever happened to our business” Keiron, Owner Mexicano – 2019

Introducing  ‘The Big Gun’ It’s A Customised Strategy That Keeps Bringing In New Local Customers Week In Week Out, Consistently Month After Month, Non-Stop And Then It Turns Them Into Regulars!


Attract New Local Customers:

This campaign is only directed to people in your area and just those who are most likely to dine at your restaurant – so the people that come in for the first time have a good chance of returning.


Make Them Feel Special:

We target people who are having a birthday as people often celebrate their birthday with a night out, they never celebrate alone and they’ll often spend a bit more!


An Appealing Offer - That Doesn't Hurt Profits:

We help you curate an offer that is appealing  to the birthday guest but ensures that you are still making good money from the total booking and it’s framed in a way that ensures that your new customers do not expect a discount whenever they visit next.


Personalised For The Customer, But Automated For You:

With the use of messenger bots your campaign is totally customised for your restaurant and personalised for each customer.  They will feel they have already been speaking with you before they even step foot in your door.


Make It Measurable:

You’ll see results from week one and you can track how many new people are coming in.  Results vary, but for example – Mexicano North Narrabeen has consistently average 2 tables of 3 guests, spending $50+ per head, night after night!


Turn New Customers Into Regulars:

It’s all automated, we confirm if they are new and if so we entice them to visit us again within the next 6 weeks and then one more time.  Statistically, once they visit 3 to 4 times they are up to 70% likely to become a regular!


Generate Great Reviews:

Part of the automated system is requesting internal reviews and then requesting public reviews only for those who have suggested that they loved the experience.


Build A Huge Database:

This system works away every day, just in your local area.  Those who take up the offer and also those who engage but don’t take up the offer, are all added to an ever growing database of locals who can then be contacted in the future and now know who you are.


Stand Out From Your Competitors:

This is a unique strategy and it will help set you apart from your local competitors.  We choose to limit who we work with in each location to ensure that if we are working with you, you will stand out from those around you, with our customised campaign.

The Rest Of The Artillery – Our Additional Highly Automated Restaurant Campaigns:

All campaigns are designed to easily integrate into one another to provide long term consistent growth for your restaurant.  Alone they are all effective, combined you have a total arsenal at your finger tips!


The Database Builder & New Customer Nurturer:

How many times is your restaurant filled with locals but you have no contact details for them, imagine if you had all their details so you could promote your restaurant specifically to them in the future?  This campaign does just that, it’s highly automated and your customers will want to give you their details so you can contact them in the future via SMS, email and messenger!  Plus if this was their first visit, the automated campaign will nurture them to help ensure at least 2 more visits, to help them become regulars


The Review Builder:

Most people don’t leave a review, unless they are unhappy.  This strategy encourages your customers to leave a review, it’s designed to let you know if they are not happy (before they let everyone else know) and is automated to then encourage those who are happy to leave a public review.


The Re-Targeting Campaign

If someone is checking out your website, checking out your menu then they have an interest, but they’ll likely check out other local restaurants too.  Imagine if they then see a specific ad for your restaurant, perhaps with one of your enticing dishes or a special offer.  Do you think you have just helped put yourself above the other restaurants that they just checked out?

Did you know 75% of website traffic never returns?


The 'Specials Night' Promo:

 Many of our restaurants have a special night in the week, such as an ‘all you can eat pasta on a Wednesday night’ this campaign is specifically designed to bring in local clients (new and existing) just for that night, so the campaign just runs on specific days at specific times, just to your local area.


The Functions, Events Promo:

Some of our larger restaurants also run functions, so we are looking to attract a wider audience than just locals.  These strategies often involve using a number of digital platforms to laser target those looking to hold events.


The Website Builder:

 If your website needs an update, we specialise in building attractive websites with plenty of images and most importantly they are designed to be marketing driven.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see your question? Feel free to flick us an email! 

How much?

Of course – It varies, but we can always get you started for under $1,000 per month and our core campaign usually starts producing results within 24 to 48 hours.  So you will not be waiting long to benefit from new customers walking in the door.

Does this work for every restaurant?

Absolutely not.  The restaurants that our campaigns work best for are quality restaurants that have a good vibe, a good feel.  Where people want to hang out and enjoy great food and drinks. 

If we’ve contacted you, we know your running a restaurant where this will work.

Lock-In Contracts?

We stand by our results, our clients choose to stick with us month after month as they can see the results that they are achieving, and we set up your strategies assuming that we will be working together long term, helping you build and nurture your growing customer base.  But no need for us to lock anyone in, we’re happy to work month to month.

Let’s Chat!

Contact us now so we can have a quick chat, discuss your needs, see if these strategies could work for your restaurant and whether we both feel we would be a good fit to work together!


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